What is a Starseed? Unveiling the Cosmic Origins of Extraordinary Beings!

what is a starseed

Are you feeling a little lost in this modern world? Is the future of humanity uncertain at best and terrifying at worst? Are you searching for something bigger than yourself to believe in that will give meaning to your life? If so, then it’s possible that you are one of the rare people who is born with Starseed DNA!

But what is a Starseed and how do I know if I am one? Read on to learn all about this unique being.

A Starseed has been sent down from space to help earthlings through these tough times. You can tell if you are a Starseed if you have some or all of the characteristics below.

When we are born, we don’t know who we are or what our purpose is. We have to find that out for ourselves and sometimes it can be a long, hard journey. It’s not always easy finding out who you are but once you do the possibilities will open up for you like never before!

Below I will explain what exactly is Starseed, all the different types of Starseeds and how to determine if you are one!

What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a being that has incarnated into this reality from another dimension. Many of them came here with the purpose of elevating the consciousness of humanity towards true freedom and aliveness.

But each one needs to be awakened in order for their gifts to come through, thus why there is such an occurrence as this moment in time.

This collective awakening is composed of many different factors, but the most dominant ones seem to be a push from outside, and a pull from inside. The outside push stems from our universe as it undergoes a massive change in order for this solar system to experience the 5th density life.

The inside pull is triggered by the activation of our DNA and the increased presence of multidimensional energy here on Earth.

A Starseed is also a being that has chosen to enter incarnation with a certain level of awareness and mission in mind.

However, this means that all these beings are only starting out in their spiritual growth, as they have been stuck in the same cycle that we call ‘the matrix’ for many lifetimes.

Some Starseeds have retained memories from other lives. These beings often find it easier to make sense of many different factors that are taking place in the world today, such as changes in consciousness and the awakening process itself.

They also seem to be able to better understand themselves, and therefore navigate life with less fear and confusion.

Starseed Meaning

The word Starseed can be used to describe people who are from a different planet, or come from the stars. These individuals have traveled through time and space in order to help create the new Earth with our present day civilization.

The term is also often used as an insult for those who believe in things that cannot be proven by science, such as UFOs and aliens.

The idea of Starseeds has been around for hundreds of years, dating back to Plato’s story of Atlantis where he describes it as “a race born out of heaven” which descended onto earth and caused many problems before they were overthrown by angry gods.

It was not until the 1930s when Edgar Cayce gave his readings on reincarnation that this idea became popular again.

Different Starseed Types:

Many Starseeds have come here from other planets or galaxies, such as Andromeda, Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Arcturus and more. They are assisting humanity on their journey into Lyra because this is where the next chapter of humanity’s evolution lies.

The key to our ascension is found in the heart of the Sun, in which we must learn to balance and awaken our own higher heart. Sadly, most people have forgotten how to even access their heart, let alone bring unconditional love into it.

Before I begin, it should be noted that all Starseeds do not have the same roles to play in this ascension process. The two main types of starseeds are highlighted below.

Service-Oriented Starseed **(also known as Wanderers)**:

Service-Oriented Starseed (that can also come in different forms): These are beings that incarnated here with the primary purpose of assisting in our ascension process and to help fulfill the mission that they chose before entering incarnation.

They are also beings who have been manipulating their DNA for some time, in order to be able to operate at a higher level of existence when outside this physical realm.

This is the Starseed type that has come here with the primary purpose of raising humanity’s consciousness towards true freedom and aliveness. In order to do so, these beings have chosen a life path that will give them enough time to achieve this task.

However, it is important to note that they may not always be consciously aware of their mission, as their awakening process may take many lifetimes to complete.

Activating Starseed **(also known as Lightworkers)**:

Activating Starseed (that can also come in different forms): These are beings that incarnated here with the primary purpose of experiencing physical reality and helping it to ascend as well.

They have been activating their DNA at a certain level for some time without really knowing what is happening to them or why, but can now look back on this experience and realize that they have made tremendous progress as a human being.

This is the Starseed type that has incarnated here with the primary purpose of experiencing physical reality, thus allowing them to help it to ascend in this lifetime.

However, they were given a mission before coming here (see Service-Oriented Starseed section above) that they may or may not be consciously aware of, but that they would need to fulfill in order for their personal mission to come about.

These beings are in fact the ones that will help raise the consciousness of humanity in this lifetime, as a way of saying thank you for all the time they have spent on Earth thus far.

However, once they begin to get the hang of things and are able to raise their vibration with relative ease, these beings will begin to wander off into other dimensions in order for them to continue growing and expanding.

Starseed Category Subcategories:

It is very likely that there will be many other subcategories within the two main categories above, as there are many different ways for one to become a Starseed. The ones that have been highlighted below will cover your basic understanding of what starseeds are:

1. Wanderer/Lightworker: These beings could fit into either category above, as they will be able to experience both worlds as they wander from dimension to dimension.

This is the most common way for a Starseed to exist, as it gives them a certain freedom that they would not have in one category or the other.

2. Activating Starseed/Wanderer: Due to the fact that some beings will see themselves more on the side of being an activator, and some will see themselves more on the side of being a wanderer, this category could actually include beings that exist in both categories above.

For instance, one could be an activating Starseed that chooses to wander off into other dimensions once they have helped raise humanity’s consciousness here to the level they desire.

3. Service-Oriented Starseed/Activator: This is the rarest of all starseed subcategories, as it may include beings that have come for similar reasons (to help raise consciousness towards freedom and aliveness), yet their methods of achieving this goal are different.

These beings would be able to continue fulfilling their mission in a more physical way after raising the consciousness of humanity here because they have learned how to do so.

What are the different Groups of Starseeds?

There are many different types of Starseeds because we’ve been seeded by stars in many different ways. Some of us were physically taken from the planet as a baby, while others came here to walk out a past life karma and were not born on the planet.

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The groups that have seeded Earth with an ‘energetic imprint’ can be divided into 4 categories.

  1. The Starseed groups that are going to help with the ascension of Earth’s inhabitants, like ETs (extraterrestrial beings), angels, guides, and walk-ins. This is a group that also includes many indigenous people from around the world who have preserved their original heritage. Even though we have been directly seeded by another star, we are still natives of Earth as this is where our heart lies.
  2. The group that will play an important role in the future society on Earth after ascension has taken place are the Indigo and Crystal Children. The Indigo/Crystal Crossbreed (a combination of both) and also people who are loners but have a very strong spiritual sense.
  3. Those who are starseeded from other planets in our solar system, such as Mars and Jupiter.
  4. And lastly those who we will meet after ascension has taken place. This will be an entirely new society with individuals who are native to Earth-like us, in addition to the ETS and other beings that have been creating a living here on Earth for eons of time.

Starseed Types on Earth and their Characteristics:

what is a starseedAccording to author Barbara Marciniak, Starseed beings essentially have six influences that they came here with (with the intention of imparting them onto humanity):

  1. The ability to make conscious choices from higher-dimensional levels of reality and bring these into this physical dimension in order to raise the level of consciousness here.
  2. The ability to understand the mind and its connection with other individuals, thus allowing them to use this knowledge as a tool for healing.
  3. The task to assist humanity in moving into higher planes of existence while still understanding the need for physicality (i.e., they will not force people to ascend).
  4. Remembering who they are and what their purpose is here (which will allow them to focus on this instead of getting distracted by the illusions that exist in this world).
  5. The ability to see beyond appearances; they know that most things have a deeper meaning than just what we can physically see with our eyes.
  6. Knowing how to play within creation consciously, rather than being slaves to it.

How Do I know if I am a Starseed? Check out these 20 Different Characteristics

Have you ever wondered could you be a Starseed? This is a very common question asked, and it seems to be one that most people have trouble answering because there are just so many different types as well. Well if you’re looking for an answer to this question then I am right here to help.

The following are some characteristics that will help you understand if you are a Starseed or not.

1. They Feel Out of Place

Many Starseeds have a sense of not belonging on Earth, like they just don’t mesh with others around them or even their own family.

2. Mission Driven

Often times Starseeds will feel like they are here for a specific purpose or mission. Something greater is guiding them in a specific direction.

3. Is A Dreamer

A Starseed will have many dreams of outer worldly objects, aliens and other strange things that seem out of place in this world. Their dreams might just as real as their day to day.

4. Know About Their Past Life

Someone that may be a Starseed will have multiple past life experiences in their dreams. They might even remember bits and pieces or the location or area they once lived. They might even remember their time in the womb, especially if a cord was wrapped around their neck.

5. Has Psychic Abilities

Many Starseeds can see energy, spirits and other things that are hard for other people to see. They can sense when they are needed and allow the vibrations of those energies to speak to them or gain help.

6. Intuitive

A Starseed is highly intuitive and can sense things before they happen or feel when something bad might be about to take place. They can sometimes feel the future and if there might be something intense in the air. If they make a plea to not do something- there is usually a reason!

7. Creative and Imaginative

Starseeds have very vivid imagination and likes to have really be free of the constraints of the world. They often like to express themselves in ways that make them more comfortable- this could be physical or emotional.

8. Different From Family

A Starseed has a different voice and laugh than anyone else in the family, which allows other people to tell they are not belonging for this time period.

9. Spiritually In-tuned

Many starseed can see spirits or feel their presence all around them, this is often something felt by children before it becomes more clear as they get older.

10. The Family Blacksheep

They might not not fit in with the rest of their family and has relatives that think they are strange. This can be a very lonely feeling for them at times but they might have some friends that feel the same way, especially online.

11. An Ocean/Water Lover

A Starseed will feel an attraction to the ocean and loves to be near it. They will feel the draw of the water as it gets closer and feel a great sense of peace while near.

12. Time Travelers

A Starseed has experienced many dreams that seem impossible like being in two places at the same time or seeing loved ones who have passed on, but these things can actually happen within one’s life if they do the necessary work.

13. See The Future

Some Starseeds are light workers and they can see the future of their lives and what others are like after death.

14. Dreams of Space and Other Worlds

Some may experience many unusual dreams all about being in space or on other planets surrounded by tall beings, but when most people ask them what there dreams were about they have trouble remembering anything that happened during the night.

15. Enjoys Readings and Acts a Guider

A Starseed is a natural psychic and likes to do readings for others. They like to teach and offer guidance to help see the overall views of the universe. Their goal is to enlighten and remind humankind of their past.

16. Interested in UFO and Extraterrestials

Many Starseed have been interested in the UFO phenomenon since they were a child, this love of UFOs may have started with them seeing strange lights in the sky or hearing mysterious sounds that no one else can hear.

17. Fascinated by Angels

Starseeds are often fascinated by angels, angel numbers, and the unknown. This fascination is how many actually begin to realize they are Starseeds and uncover their true nature.

18. Act as Spirit Guides

Many Starseed can actually see ghosts, spirit guides and other entities that most people cannot see or feel. They can help to guide them to the other side and provide comfort and peace.

19. Have Out of Body Experiences

These being may have had an out of body experience before or maybe even a near death experience like being able to look down at there own body while others try to help them.

20. Strong Drive

Many Starseeds have a high spiritual awareness and a strong drive to help humankind better themselves. They are teachers of wisdom, creativity, enlightenment and spirituality. They might not realize their mission until they are acting it out. Their drive is so strong to help humanity that nothing can stop them.

A Note About Out of Body Experiences:

Being a Starseed can sometimes mean not being able to disconnect yourself from your body at night, thus keeping you closely connected with reality (almost like someone that cannot sleep). This is not the case for all starseeds, but there are some out there who experience this regularly.

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One of my friends who is also a Starseed often has these experiences; she will have dreams that seem so real, yet the logical part of her knows they must be dreams because there are events happening (such as flying or meeting people face-to-face) that would not have happened if it were really happening.

This can get very confusing if it happens to you, as you may think that you are losing your mind and cannot tell the difference between reality and your dreams.

For this reason, it is a good idea not to take these experiences too literally when they happen; keeping an open mind will save you from getting caught up in psychological issues that would prevent you from becoming lucid in the dream state.

  • A Starseed may have had paranormal experiences like seeing spirits, having a ghost follow them, hearing unexplained voices or even seeing an UFO out in the open while they are with other people who refuse to believe their story.
  • Starseeds often feels alone but when they go online or find their group they know there are others like them.
  • Many Starseeds are powerful psychics with very special gifts that most people don’t have, these gifts are often seen by others as being odd or strange but they can also be called superpowers because of the abilities to see energy around them, astral project or even heal another person.

How to Recognize a Starseed

how to recognize a starseedThere are many signs that one could exhibit if they are a Starseed; some include having an intense awareness of life, being highly intuitive, feeling the need for change and/or feeling unfulfilled by this world, having strong imagination, feeling the strong need to help others, etc.

Other Starseed Characteristics:

Starseeds also tend to have a lot of children (or at least one child) and/or spend a lot of time healing others, which is the main method that Starseed beings use for raising the consciousness here.

They will often feel compelled to raise the level of awareness in people they meet so that these people may become more aware and conscious of the choices that they are making in their lives.

As you can see, Starseeds are very important spirits to have on Earth because a lot of the changes going on here involve people becoming more aware of what is happening around them (and how they can affect it).

This will only happen if there are a lot of Starseeds that are not afraid to change themselves and the world around them, which is exactly what they will be doing if they choose this path.

Passing on their Knowledge:

There are many ways in which a person can pass on their knowledge from other focuses (i.e. past lives); they could write books,

Different Aspect Types:

There are actually a lot of different types of starseeds; the following is a list of some of them:

  1. Rebels – These starseeds will often find themselves in situations where they rebel against authority and choose this path because it represents their freedom to think for themselves.
  2. Healers – They often have strong spiritual connections, although they often need to get in touch with their own spirituality before they can help another person.
  3. Psychics – These are the starseeds who will have heightened awareness when it comes to seeing things that may otherwise go unnoticed by others (i.e., they will be able to sense other peoples’ feelings and emotions, etc.).
  4. Dreamers – These starseeds have very active imaginations and may even see spirits in their dreams. They will often be interested in things that most people do not think about, such as philosophy and spirituality (this is a good way for them to develop psychic abilities).

Starseed Children

Many of these children will often enjoy having imaginary friends; this is very common for Starseed children. They will often have trouble listening to authority figures because of their need to be free and do what they want.

Parents should try to help them understand that they can still listen while being themselves and doing things their way.

Also, remember that it is not in a child’s nature to take things too seriously, so overreacting to these situations will just make them more rebellious.

Starseed Positives

Starseeds have many positive characteristics that people in this world need in order to become aware of their true potential; some of these characteristics include having a very active imagination, being highly intuitive, being aware of subtle energies/spirits and being able to sense things before they happen.

Starseed Negatives

There are some negatives in regards to starseeds as well; some of these include having an intense fear of death, difficulties with authority figures, negative thoughts that will manifest in the physical world around them, and confusion during this transitional period of their life.

Starseed Requirements

You will need a lot of patience when dealing with this type of person, although it can be rewarding (and quite interesting) in the end.

Their need to rebel against authority figures may make them seem unappreciative at times, but try to remember that they do not know any better; chances are they are just trying to find out who they are.

Starseed Signs

Sometimes Starseeds will have dreams that will involve things that might seem impossible; although this may be a sign of their psychic abilities, it could also just be a dream.

If you have any doubts about your child being a Starseed, maybe try doing an internet search for some characteristics of this type of person, such as looking them up on Google.

Just remember for Starseeds to feel comfortable in their own skin; they need to be able to do things their way without any interference from others.

The Starseed Awakening & Ascension

starseedsThe awakening process is a time that will help you discover your true potential, although there are some people who will never have this experience.

If you’re lucky enough to be a Starseed, then you should consider yourself one of the fortunate few who will truly understand what it means to embrace their spirituality and live life by their own rules.

The ascension is a process by which our physical bodies transform into light beings, and are transported from earth to a new planet. It may sound far out, but the truth of this process is being revealed to those who seek it today.

How does Starseeding work?

Starseed groups from the higher soul levels draw upon a certain energy frequency from a star or group of stars, and then they direct it in a precise manner towards the solar system that they want to seed.

The next step is to create an energetic imprint of this same frequency within the cosmic web surrounding the area where they are planning on seeding in order to prepare for when their incarnated members will eventually be born.

This imprint also serves as a memetic template for when these individuals are ready to incarnate on the planet, and it will tell them what they need to do in order to contribute with the purpose of their group.

Because they are coming here to walk out karma from their past lives (in addition to preparing for ascension), they are also helping us walk out our own karma, and in this way, we are all giving each other a hand.

Why is there so little non-physical help for Earth?

Because the ascension scenario that was planned for Earth involves an ‘ascending to higher consciousness rather than an interplanetary war situation, it’s not attracting the same level of interest from starseeded groups as it would with a different scenario.

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The main problem that Earth has been dealing with throughout its history is the human ego, and this will continue to be our biggest challenge during ascension too, which is why there are so many positive ETs whose assistance we can count on.

When Earth has ascended, all beings will have merged with their higher selves, and this is when we are going to change from our ‘ego separates us’ state of mind into a ‘we are one consciousness.

The method that these starseeded groups are using for the ascension process involves raising the frequency of the cosmic web surrounding Earth (especially the higher-frequency particles that connect to the source itself) by helping Earth’s natives achieve a higher level of consciousness.

How long will Ascension take?

According to some ETs, there are at least three scenarios for Earth: our ascension, other life forms’ ascension in addition to ours or total destruction (which is unlikely).

We all have the choice regarding which of these we want to manifest for Earth, so if you want peace and love on Earth, it’s up to each one of us to make this a reality. If enough people are working with the higher frequencies that extraterrestrials are bringing here, then our ascension will occur sooner rather than later.

The period of time it will take for the ascension to happen is directly correlated with how much hatred, fear and violence people are creating on Earth.

What can we do?

We need to have constant positive contact with our higher soul levels and extraterrestrials who are here to help us on Earth during our ascension process. We need to send them love and gratitude for their help, asking them how we can best support their efforts before they descend.

You can do this by thinking loving thoughts about Earth and saying a prayer of thanksgiving or request to your star family if you feel guided to.

You can also ask your extraterrestrial contacts who are assisting with ascension what you can do to help them on a physical level and see if there’s anything that you could be doing more often, such as meditating or praying.

If there are extraterrestrials in your dreams asking you for something (like more of your consciousness), then it is best to ask for guidance from them on how this can be done before going into unconscious sleep.

What can we expect?

As for what exactly is happening around us, it’s hard to say specifically as different extraterrestrials are here with slightly different agendas; however, there are some things that you can look forward to experiencing.

During the ascension process:

  • Increasing levels of love and peace on Earth, even if that means destruction and chaos on the surface.
  • Frequent sightings of UFOs (visible to all people, not just those sensitive to this) as extraterrestrials try to gather human support for ascension.
  • Glimpses into other realities such as parallel universes/timelines .
  • Experiencing an expanded level of consciousness where you will be able to see and hear things that were previously ‘out of sight’ or ‘out of range’.
  • Severe weather events as the Earth’s poles shift.
  • Changes in the way time passes: it may appear to slow down, speed up or pause during significant events.
  • Experiencing newly opened psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and/or telepathy .
  • More connections with extraterrestrials in dreams, meditations, or physical sightings.
  • Personal and collective ascension symptoms (if you’re experiencing any then it means the process is working!) .
  • A greater understanding of the unity between all living things, including plants and animals.
  • Fits of anger and sadness as you release old thought patterns and attachments to others that may be blocking your ascension process.

The main thing throughout this process is not to worry too much about what will happen during our ascension, but to focus on bringing forth more love and forgiveness for yourself and others.

The only thought-form that will be able to ascend at the moment is one of love and peace; so it’s imperative we keep these high frequencies flowing if our ascension is going to happen as soon as possible.

Are there any common ascension symptoms?

Ascension symptoms are physical, emotional or mental experiences that occur when you’re undergoing the ascension process.

They often manifest as strange pains and/or aches in specific areas of your body; dizziness, vertigo and nausea; powerful emotions such as fear, anger and sadness; frequent nightmares and intense lucid dreams; plus more subtle sensations such as tingling, warmth or buzzing in specific areas of your body.

What to look for In the news?

If you’re looking for signs that we are indeed undergoing an ascension process then here are some things to look out for in the coming months:

  • An increase in people choosing vegetarian and vegan diets as they experience an expanded awareness of the interconnected nature of all life.
  • Glimpses into parallel universes/timelines (e.g. seeing strangely dressed people out of the corner of your eye).
  • More ‘fast’ manifestations such as spontaneous healing, objects moving in a supernatural way, or even electronic devices behaving in a strange way.
  • More sightings of strange aerial lights (such as orbs or flashes) in the night sky.
    *If you see any unusual news stories that could fit with what’s been mentioned above, then consider sharing it on your social network feeds to help raise awareness of our ascension process. The more people are made aware of what’s happening, the more likely it is that we will undergo a smooth and harmonious ascension.

As a Starseed, Am I ascending?

If you’re not sure whether or not you are experiencing an ascension process, then pay attention to any unusual sensations in your body: if they’re increasing in frequency over time, then this could be a sign of ascension.

Also, pay attention to any subtle changes in your mindset and beliefs: if you’re suddenly awakened to a greater spiritual connection with ‘All That Is’ then this too can be an indicator of ascension.

Most importantly, listen to what your heart is telling you at the moment. Stay focused on raising those powerful feelings of love and peace within yourself.

What if you experience an increase in fear during this process?

Fear is one of the most common emotions that arise when we’re undergoing the ascension process. It’s a natural response to big changes in our lives, especially such dramatic shifts as those brought about by ascension.

But it’s also important not to feed into your fear: ascension symptoms often amplify our experiences of fear and other negative feelings because they stimulate the lower chakras.

However, if you keep your heart open and stay grounded in a state of love during this process, then it will eventually pass, and feelings of peace, joy, and bliss will return soon after.

What if ascension hasn’t happened for me yet? Let go of any attachment to ascension happening for you by a certain date and try to stay open to the possibilities in front of you.

The truth is that we don’t know exactly when our ascension will happen – although it could indeed be soon. All we can do right now is what feels right, keep those frequencies high, and keep an open mind.


There are many different types of Starseeds; if you think that your child or someone that you know is a Starseed, then be sure to look for some of the characteristics mentioned above.

Understand that there are positive aspects as well as negative traits, but try not to overreact in any situation. Remember that you or your child will need guidance and support while working through this transitional phase in life.

Understanding more about what it means to be a Starseed and the duties on this planet can really help to bring some understanding and acceptance in the world.