Hello, and thank you for stopping by my page!

My name is Elle and I am the face behind this little blog- Gathering Clarity. I am an eternal optimist, a mom, a dreamer, manifest designer, business analyst, and a spiritual life coach.

In my day to day, I help people solve problems for their business needs. I consult for a number of different companies and you can usually find me waist deep in uncovering challenges that businesses and people need help with.

I realized that quite often, it’s not always the tool or process that needs adjusting, as much as it is the people. So many of us feel lost, unfulfilled, struggle with negative thoughts and have difficulty in managing stress or anxiety, and relationships.

It’s been an amazing journey to uncover some of the most essential ways for the human mind to connect with one another and feel empowered, and joyful. By overcoming limiting beliefs, building confidence and improving physical and mental well being, we become happier, healthier, and fulfilled.

I truly love to help others and listen to their needs and desires, helping them open the door to receiving the universes wonderful gifts.

I am a constant student in this thing called life and take each day as a blessing.

I believe it’s important to uncover the secret messages from the divine, whether that be in dreams, shadow work, spiritual messages or angel number communications. I strive to provide solutions to real world problems and enlightenment for those seeking it.

It’s all about gathering clarity and finding direction and purpose in life, and I would be honored to show you the way to a more fulfilling, peaceful, and rewarding path.

With love and light,