The Hidden Meaning of 18 in Numerology

18 in numerology

In numerology, the number 18 is considered a powerful and ambitious number. It is said to represent success, leadership, and material wealth. The number 18 is also said to symbolize the attainment of spiritual and material goals and is often associated with high achievement and a strong sense of purpose. It is also said to be a number of good luck and fortune.

If you are interested in exploring more about what this magical 18 in numerology could mean to you, read on!

Number 18 and its Individual Digits

The number 18 possesses a unique energy that can shape your life and the world around you. In numerology, we simplify a compound number like 18 by splitting and adding its figures, which gives us 1, 8, and 9 (the combination of 1 +8 ).

In numerology, the number 1 represents leadership, independence, and self-motivation. It is associated with ambition, determination, and the ability to start new projects and bring them to fruition.

Eight is often associated with material wealth, success, and power. It represents attaining spiritual and material goals related to high achievement and a strong sense of purpose.

Nine is considered a spiritual number and represents selflessness, compassion, and a sense of universal consciousness. It is also associated with completion and endings, as it is the last single-digit number. It is also said to be a number of completion, conclusions, and a sense of universal consciousness.

9 is also an angel number

It is said to be a message from your guardian angels to pay attention to your inner wisdom and to trust the guidance you are receiving from your angels.

Additionally, it is said to be a sign that you should be prepared for a new beginning, as the number 9 is often associated with completion and endings.

The interplay between these numbers will allow us to unearth untapped numerological powers as 18 steers us to the right path.

While preserving their vibrational essence, each digit wields the most energetic influence on the vibration of the number 18. Read on to discover the meaning of 18 in numerology.

The Numerological Essence of Number 18

From its position in the numerology chart, the number 18 is a composition of highly positive values.

  • Humanitarianism
  • Philanthropy
  • Efficiency
  • Determination
  • Tolerance

The Life Path Number 18

Your life path number is the sum of all the digits in your birthday, reduced to a single digit. It’s your Destiny number in Chaldean numerology, so pay attention until the end. We’ll give you the best careers that’ll suit your personality.

We’ll use the foundation number 9 to interpret your Life Path Number if your birthday adds to 18.

Divine wisdom follows people whose birth holds the Life Path Number 9. Struggles and challenges have made you strong and wise beyond years.

It’s in your DNA to offer valuable advice and support to those who need them. The lessons you’ve gained can light the path of others going through similar journeys.


Your deep-rooted principles revolve around the welfare of humanity. You are compassionate and tolerant of others.
It’s your innate desire to fix what’s wrong in the world.

You have a big heart for those who experience cruelty, injustice, or emotional abuse. Your humanity fuels your deep devotion to others.


When embarking on a project, you’ll seek the cooperation of others or work as a one-person band. As an independent spirit who thrives in the company of others, you’re determined to fulfill collective objectives with assembly-line efficiency.

However, the number 9 can have an unhealthy effect on your sense of independence. You work out your problems alone and endure in silence.

It’s difficult for others to discern when you’re in need, just as it’s hard for you to ask others for help.
You must understand that life is a cycle of give and take, so it’s your karmic obligation to receive support in return.

Spiritual and Religious

You’re in tune with your spirituality and have a deep affinity to religion. During difficult times, you seek a Higher Power for strength and purpose. Because of this, intuition can sometimes blur your logic.

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Your Destiny

There is an abundance of new opportunities for you to choose from. Because you want the world to improve, you’re perfect for the following careers.

  • Counseling
  •  Teaching
  • Social work
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Public Service

The True Heart’s Desire of Number 18

The key to the hidden impulses of your heart is in your name. If you’re feeling lost or having a hard time, look into it to determine your most authentic motivations.

Again, we’ll use the energy of 9 if the vowels in your name yield a sum of 18.

Here’s your true heart’s desire or soul urge:

  1. You’re a born humanitarian with a genuine social conscience. Your deepest desire is to heal and create changes to make the world a better place when you leave.
  2. Sometimes, your emotions can get out of hand, and you might escalate things to a full-blown drama. This explosive behavior stems from the disastrous combination of the individualistic number 1 and the power-hungry number 8.
  3. Your mental state hangs in the balance of the powerful energies of 1 and 8, so nurture your inner peace. Those fiery tendencies will fade away when you’re content with yourself.
  4. Your love life lies in your self-love and the love of good friends. You will always strive to help those in need, but you should look at healing yourself before reaching out to others.

Finding Your Name Number

name numberA “name number” is a number derived from the letters of a person’s name. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a numerical value, and the sum of the numerical values of the letters in a person’s name is said to be their name number.

The belief is that the name number can reveal a person’s character, strengths and weaknesses, and potential life path. It is said that each number has a specific vibration and energy and that by understanding the meaning of your name number, you can gain insight into your characteristics and potential.

For example, to find the name number, you can assign a numerical value to each letter in a person’s name (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.) and then add up the values of each letter in the name. The result is the name number.

The Expression Number 18

If the numerology values of all the letters of your name equal 18, we’ll tap into the root number 9 to interpret your Expression center.

Expression number 9 suggests that you have a flair for the arts. You have great potential in these artistic fields: literature, visual arts, and performing arts.
The number 9 signifies learning and integration. The waves of its energy lap at you when you reach a breakthrough in your life.
Applying the lessons you’ve learned along your evolutionary path, you can wrap up a personal milestone with aplomb.

The Birthday Number 18

People whose birthdate falls on the 18th day of the month resonate with the planet named after the Roman God of war—Mars. No other number can hold a candle to 18’s warrior-like characteristics.

The number 18 is in perfect balance when you possess these personality traits:

  • Focused to a fault and enjoys hard work
  • Strong, self-confident, and can achieve great things
  • Driven by a deep sense of justice and moral principles

On the contrary, the unbalanced number 18 can make you:

  • Vengeful and cold
  • Shameful and guilty when you cannot live up to your standards
  • Repressive emotions to the verge of a mental breakdown
  • Push yourself to the limit, even at the expense of your health and well-being

On the surface, people with the energy of the number 18 may seem happy and light-hearted. However, their inner conflicts may lead to insecurity, fear, guilt, and shame.

Your lucky days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays—with Tuesday being the most fortunate because it’s Mars Day. Your lucky colors are any shades of red or pink.

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As for your lucky stones, go with ruby, garnet, or bloodstones.

The Significance of the Number 18 in Hebrew Numerology

From the Hebrew letters “chet (ח)” and “yud (י),” the Hebrew word “chai (חי)” means life.
In Hebrew, each letter has a Gematria or numerical value—chet is eight, and yud is 10. Adding the two gives us 18, which holds a profound connection to gift-giving for Jews.

For this reason, Jews give cash gifts and donations in multiples of 18: 18, 36, 54, 180, 1800, and so on. In this Jewish tradition, you wish the receiver luck and a long, good life.

Making charitable donations in increments of 18 also carries the giver’s blessing. There’s hope that the acts of generosity will bring happiness, health, and longevity. It’s the same principle of good karma in other schools of religion.

According to the religious text Sefer Yetzirah, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the key to the secret wisdom by which God created the universe—the cosmos. The belief is that concepts or things with the same Gematria share a deep bond.

If we follow this code, this means that while the number 18 is parallel to life, it can also have negative associations. Using the numeric ciphers, the letters of these Hebrew words sum up to 18:

  • Ohavi, my beloved
  • Aivah, animosity
  • Cheit, sin

The Number 18 in Chinese Numerology

The number 18 holds significant meanings in Chinese numerology:

The Number 1

Number 1The number 1 is considered to be a symbol of masculinity and independence. It is often associated with leadership, strength, and self-motivation. The number 1 is also believed to represent new beginnings and is said to be a sign of good luck and fortune.

The Chinese word for the number 1 is “yī” (一), a simple and straight line that symbolizes unity and singularity. It is said to represent the beginning and the source of everything and is considered to be a powerful and positive number.

It is also said that the number 1 is associated with the element of metal, which is believed to be solid and durable. This association reflects the characteristics of the number 1 itself, which is supposed to be a powerful and enduring force.

The Number 8

It’s the luckiest number in Chinese culture because it resembles the infinity symbol. The unending cycle of its loopy shape makes it a lucky number for businesses, homes, license plates, and much more.

The Chinese (八) sounds similar to the word for prosperity (发) and the word for wealth (發); this is why it is considered to be a symbol of abundance, monetary gifts, and financial success.

The number 8 is also considered a lucky number in Chinese culture because it is believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, and success to one’s life. In Chinese numerology, the number 8 is often associated with business success, career advancement, and financial stability.

It is often considered to be a number of good luck and fortune.
It is also considered to be a number of balance and harmony and is often associated with the idea of a perfect balance between yin and yang.

The Number 18

It’s a lucky number because its Cantonese pronunciation sounds like the Chinese phrase that means “to get rich for sure” or “definitely get rich.” In Chinese numerology, the number 18 is considered an auspicious number.

The pronunciation of 18 in Chinese (十八) sounds similar to the phrase “certainly prosper,” which is why it is regarded as a symbol of wealth, success, and good fortune.

The number 18 is often associated with prosperity, good luck, and high achievement. It is believed to bring good luck and positive energy to those who have it in their lives.

The number 18 also symbolizes success in relationships. It is often associated with love, marriage, and long-lasting relationships.

It is also believed that it can bring good luck to your children and help them to be successful in their lives.
In Chinese culture, the number 18 is aligned with the Chinese emperor, considered the highest authority and the symbol of power and success.

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The Number 9

It’s an auspicious number because it sounds close to the Chinese word for “everlasting.” The number also means completeness, being the highest single digit.

In feng shui, it represents the “ultimate masculinity” and symbolizes the emperor’s supreme sovereignty.

Multiples of 9 appear in many aspects of Chinese traditions and architecture. For instance, the Forbidden City has 9,999 rooms and a 9-by-9 matrix of nails on each gate.

The Number 18 in Tarot and Astrology

In tarot, the number 18 is associated with the card “The Moon,” which is part of the Major Arcana. The Moon is a card of intuition, emotion, and subconscious. It is often associated with mystery, secrets, and the unknown.

It suggests that something hidden or obscured is at play and that you should trust your instincts and pay attention to your dreams and subconscious thoughts.

The Moon can also indicate a time of emotional confusion or uncertainty and can be a sign of being cautious and not trusting appearances.

The full Moon with a crescent face in the midnight sky symbolizes dreams and unconsciousness. A stream of light between the two pillars standing on each side means illumination to higher consciousness.

Meanwhile, the water in the little pond represents the subconscious mind. The early phase of consciousness unfolds as the crayfish crawls out of the water. The dog and the wolf represent the two facets of the mind: the tame and the wild.

When the card is upright, it may depict:

  • Insecurity
  • Illusion and deception
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Difficulty or mental confusion

In reverse, the Moon card may evoke:

  • Release of fear
  •  Repressed emotions and unhappiness
  • Unusual dreams
  • Unveiled mysteries

Because the Moon is a card of illusion and deception, it often suggests a time in your life when something isn’t what it seems. It could be a misunderstanding or a hard truth you cannot accept.

Learn to differentiate between reality and illusion when the Moon card comes up for you in a tarot reading.

Here’s a list of what you can do:

  1. Trust your intuition.
  2. Pay attention to your feelings.
  3. Listen to what your dreams are telling you.
  4. Release your control over your emotions.
  5. Contemplate and discover your innermost truths.
  6. Learn to accept yourself.

Numerology Readings

If you are interested in knowing more, consider numerology reading.

A numerology reading is a type of divination or fortune-telling that uses numbers to gain insight into a person’s personality, strengths and weaknesses, potential life paths, and future prospects.

Numerology readings are based on the belief that numbers carry spiritual significance and can reveal information about a person’s character, potential, and fate.

During a numerology reading, a person’s birth date, name, and other personal information are used to calculate various numerology numbers such as Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Soul Urge Number, and so on. Read this article to understand Numerology deeper.

Each number is said to have a specific meaning and energy, and the numerologist will interpret these numbers to provide the person with insight and guidance.

A numerology reading may include an analysis of a person’s name number, which is calculated by assigning numerical values to the letters of a person’s name and their birth date number, which is calculated by adding together the digits of a person’s birth date.

A trained numerologist can do numerology readings or use a numerology calculator or software.

It is important to note that numerology is not a scientific or universally accepted concept. While some people believe in the power of numbers and their potential spiritual significance, others do not.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the meaning of 18 in numerology is a gift. The number 18 has unique vibrations on your name and birth that can explain your strengths, weaknesses, and destiny. Use it to choose your life path!